i'm Still young okk!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

i am officially 24 years old on 13 oct 2008!! i shared this precious moment together with my mom...however she is 52 years old la kan..what a miracle for mom and daughter who had the same DOB...i wished my mom last night at 12 midnight by sending her sms-->

"Akum mak..Selamat menyambut ulangtahun hari lahir yang ke 52.semoga mak dan keluarga kita sentiasa hidup dlm keberkatan Allah."

and i'm not sure wheather she receives any birthday card from me or not..i posted it last Thursday if i'm not mistaken..and this morning i got sms from her around 6.30 am-->

"Aslmkn.Slmt mengingati hari pertama kita d dunia Allah.Harapan hari2 yg dilalui penuh dengan kbkatan n keinsafan"

thnks a lot to my mom....i realized about the same DOB since i'm in 6.she told me on that day was my birthday and same goes to her..(wkt tu tak tau pun birthday tu ape!ngeh ngeh).i still remember...a bufday party was held to celebrate me when i'm in standard 3 & 4..i invited my schoolmates to come home and had some cakes..bihun goreng some sort...i'm so happy becoz my mom help me a lot prepared all those meals....

Foot notes:: what a happy day!i believe this feelings will goes same on your birthday...and i'll share my bufday surprise on next entry...bubbye